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While it is the community of deviantART that makes TDoDA possible, everything that makes up TDoDA, besides the features, is all done by these fine people listed below.




If you wish to offer affiliation, please send an 'Affiliation Request". All request made on the front page or notes will be ignored!
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Welcome to The Dragons of deviantART Group!

The History of TDoDA | Group FAQ and Rules

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April 2
MisoraRae here. I didn't want to post this yesterday because of obvious reasons. I apologize ahead of time for the delay in catching up on group notifications, but it's going to be very slow going for a while.

Last Wednesday, March 25, my house has hit by a tornado... AGAIN. For those of you that do not know, my house was completely destroyed in the May 20th 2013 tornado. Thankfully, the damage this time was minimal, but it was enough to keep me working on fixing things for the last week. That has pretty much been taken care of, but the PTSD from the prior tornado has me sitting on edge any time the sky clouds over now.

If I didn't think it could get any worse, it did. Sunday, March 29th, my dachshund passed away. He was my first dog to ever own on my own, so I'm taking his loss very hard. I have been severely depressed and haven't been online other than to notify people as to what exactly is going on. I am continuing to avoid being online since I have been doing lots of other things to keep my mind occupied from thinking about anything from last week.

So, now that you know a reason for the delay, please be patient with me and the other admins if we are slow to going through messages. For the time, if you have any questions, please direct them to one of the other admins here in the group.

February 27

This update is IMPORTANT! I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy journal, but this is something that has been discussed upon by myself and several other group admins. It is time that it becomes public to the group as to what changes have been made and were the future lies with this update.

As many of you are well aware of now, TDoDA begun allowing dragon and draconian based Pokemon, Fakemon, and Digimon into the group. It was upon my error that I mistook a toon dragon as a digimon and requested it be placed in this group that the discussion begun. After many, many days of discussion, the final vote came down to creating a Fan Art gallery to showcase said 'mons, as well as adding a few others to this list as well. Fan Art can be a rather tricky subject as there is a very fine line as to what is considered dragon fan art, and what isn't. I have seen a lot of fan characters based off of popular dragons, mainly Nightfuries and Spyro-sonas, so this is where the fine line comes into play.

First, I'd like to discuss the definition of 'fan art'. Fan art is pretty much exactly what is says, it's fan drawn/created material from something the artist likes or admires. All fan made material is drawn/created material of objects and/or characters that DO NOT personally belong to them. After spending many hours last night doing a bit of digging a research, I compiled a list of what will belong in the Fan Art gallery within TDoDA.
- Toothless and any other dragon from the HTTYD movies
- Spyro, Cynder, and the other dragons from the game series
- ALL draconian based Pokemon
- Yugioh dragons and draconians
- Smaug from the new Hobbit movies and books
- Spike from My Little Pony
- Jake Long from American Dragon
- Mushu from Mulan
- Saphira from the Eragon movie and books
- Haku from Spirited Away
- Maleficent's Dragon form from Sleeping Beauty
- and a lot lot more minor stuff that I could list on forever.
This is just a list of the more popular fan art drawings that I have already seen submitted to the group. There are many, many more I could list, but then the list could easily go on for pages and pages. IF you are questioning whether your art piece is considered fan art, please feel free to ask!

(This part is important, so please read it closely.)
Now, onto the fine line area I mentioned above. While there are countless pieces of fan art material out there, there are some fan art images that would NOT belong within the fan art gallery here within TDoDA. I'm speaking of artwork created of a personal character from that belongs to lesser known artist. A prime example to this situation is if someone were to draw my personal character, Misora, as a gift or was commissioned. Another example of artwork that would NOT belong in the fan art gallery is OCs that are based on popular games, movies, television shows, etc. Examples of this would be shaloneSK's Nina and Ash.

-+Nina+Ash+- by shaloneSK

You can clearly see that it is heavily inspired by the Spyro universe, but is her own design and creation. Another example would be:

One last flight by MizaT11

You can still tell they are highly influenced from HTTYD's Toothless, but again, they are unique from the original design.

Just always keep in mind, IF EVER IN DOUBT, ASK!

The club rules will be changed here shortly to reflect these new changes.

Thank you to everyone for making this group such an amazing place!
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Member's Corner

Are you open for commissions? Have a contest going on that you want to promote? Send us a note and we'll add you here! Your 'ad' will stay up for about 4 weeks from the time it was posted. If your ad has expired and would like to have it reposted, please send us a note. If you are interested in having something added here, please send the group a note! Comments made on the front page will be ignored.

Schmengee is open for commissions!

VenusRain is open for commissions -…

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Crazy-Cat009 is open for commissions. Please contact for more info.

gonedreamer is open for commissions! -…

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Hi there! My name is Kateryna or Katherine, and I work under nickname Kachy-mi.

what I do:

I am a concept artist/illustrator. Sketches, full paintings, speedarts. I love to do lots of fanart, because I'm a lot of a geek 

 I also try to draw some of my own character, but never have enough time to develop this.. I often experiment with my own workflow, as a strive for the most effective and most efficient breakdown of how I work. These experiments can be found in .PSD's and step-by-step process images, that I'm going to be sharing with my patrons only. 

about my Patreon page:

Patreon is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get closer to me better and to learn my little secrets. Those who subscribe to me here get the best quality of the paintings that I produce, and get access to exclusive artworks as well as perks that will improve your own artistic skills ^^ It is also an opportunity for me to produce more of my original content, as well as commissions.  

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    • 5 dynamic pose stock images
    • 5 detail stock images (e.g. body parts, or materials)
    • 5 creature stock images

$15 per month: Get $15 reward


All of above +

  • Access to my tutorials, explaining on how to use the package available in the previous tier of rewards
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Hope you'll become my Patrons!~

BrittMartin Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for accepting my work!
Daemonet Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, lovely loves!

So, I really need a favour; I just started an equidragon species rp group called The-Quaxalotas and it's open for 20 beta testers - I've only managed to get 5...

Would you mind posting a quick advertisement on them?


J-Dove Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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